Efippos Riding Farm

When adventure, feelings, people & tradition become one.

We have created a unique farm to give you the most breath-taking riding experiences available. Unique to the nature and the landscapes of Santorini we wander on secret trails in order to offer to our active guests unforgettable experiences.

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Horse Riding Tours

We love to make your experience unforgettable.

Learn to ride a horse and explore Santorini from a whole new perspective, admiring stunning views of canyons and sand dunes from on top of your horse with expert guidance.

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Combined Horse Riding Tours

Live the experience & explore like local

Greek food and a glass of wine is always a good idea! Especially after your horse riding. Indugle to Santorinian cuisine and to our wine culture. Ideal tour for foodies, wine lovers & adventure types.

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You will never be bored.

If you are considering a special horseback riding or outdoor vacation anywhere in the world, call us first and let our experienced staff match the perfect holiday with your dream.

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Santorini Horse Riding Center

explore the nature part of Santorini
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In the heart of Santorini.

At vero Callipho et post eum Diodorus, cum is alter voluptatem adamavisset, alter vacuitatem doloris, neuter honestate carere potuit, quae est a nostris laudata maxime. Et hanc quidem primam exigam a te operam, ut audias me quae a te dicta sunt refellentem.

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